Power Paws

Power Paws by Woodrow Wear offers a unique solution to many pet-related issues.

Many senior dogs, like my GSD and Labrador, have difficulty gripping the floor getting up and down, especially on slick flooring such as ceramic tile and wood. These socks are great for dogs with arthritis, dysplasia and hip and joint issues.

If your dog has contact allergies, Power Paws protects your dog from dust, dirt, grass, pollen, mold and daily household cleaners.

If you live in changing climates, Power Paws protects your dog from the heat, such as walking on tar and concrete, and cold, such as snow and ice. Great for protecting the feet of dogs with cracked, sore, dry and inflamed pads.

Do your dogs nails scratch your hardwood floors, destroy your leather furniture or upholstery, the interior of your car, or scratch your legs and clothing by jumping up to greet you?

Helps keeps wounds dry, clean and protected for quicker healing.

The socks are made of cotton and elastic and are available in several different sizes so they cater to all breeds. The socks have a “Reinforced Foot” which means the whole sock is extra strong; like Reinforced Toe, but everywhere.

Each package of Power Paws contains four socks. Depending on your dog’s specific need, Power Paws can be worn on some or on all four paws at once. They offer several different colors such as grey, black and purple.

Choosing the right size is easy by using their breed size and weight guide to help ensure your dog gets the best size! Available in 13 sizes across 2 foot shapes to ensure a great fit for ALL dogs. They range in price from $14.00 to $30.00. And if you have questions, they are more than happy to assist you. They can be contacted by phone or email.