Inspirational Stories

The Universe at Work

I thought I would share this story because it changed my day in a positive way.

StrayA few weeks ago I was running errands on my day off. On my way home, I usually drive the back roads because it is more relaxing and scenic. I live out in the country. Well, this particular stretch of road is also the drop off point for people to dump their unwanted dogs.

On this day, it was well over 100 degrees and the humidity was unbearable. It was smack dab in the middle of the afternoon! As I turned the corner, I caught a glimpse of a stray dog running by. I saw that she had a collar on with a rope attached to it, obviously this was being used as their leash. I decided to stop and see if the dog had an identification tag, which, of course, she did not. When I pulled over, the dog immediately ran underneath my car. Not because she was scared, but because she was trying to get shade from the sun. I saw that the rope had been chewed, so this led me to believe they had tied their dog outside to a tree and she had gotten loose. This is a typical practice in my area, not be me , of course!

I usually carry water and a bowl in my car, but I did not have any with me this time. So, I decided to bring the dog to my house, give her some food and water, and call animal control to come and get her. I call animal control for my area and they tell me they cannot pick her up because it is not in their jurisdiction. Mind you, my county does not have an animal shelter any longer. Since I have been down here, they have had 2 private owners run the shelter on their private property, funded by the county. Both were disasters, that’s another story in itself. Just to give you an idea, the last proprietor was featured in ASCPA , for negligence and abuse to the animals and has recently been brought up on charges.

Animal controlSo, I call another animal control in the county where I found the dog. They said they would come pick up the dog…. until I give them my address. Because I live in a different county than where I found the dog, they inform me they will not pick it up. Really?? They are over an hour away and it is a kill shelter. I have no idea how to get there and suck at directions-no GPS! They only keep the dogs for 7 days and if they are not claimed or adopted, they euthanize them. So I ask the lady from the shelter if they can meet me half way to pick up the dog. She says her boss is on a run and she will ask him and call me back. Well, 2 hours later, no call. I call her back and she says he still is not back from his run. I call an hour after that, no boss! Then another hour passes, I call back, well, what a surprise they are closed! No call! How rude! The sad part is that my county brings the dogs to that same shelter since we don’t have one. They very well could have picked up the dog and drove it there, even if I didn’t find it in their county.

So I call 2 animal rescues, they are full. No one will pick up this dog! It is in one of my outside pens. I do not want to bring it into my boarding kennel because I don’t know if it has fleas or parvo, or worms, the list could go on. I also am going to have a full kennel, so I need that outside pen for the rotation of letting the dogs out to pee. So I cannot keep the dog, beside the fact that it has taken up my whole day of valuable time. I have vowed, no more strays, I had 3 rescues, 2 have since passed away, I just have 2 dogs left. My 14 year old GSD is not going to be with me much longer and once she passes I am finally going to buy a pedigree dog from a working line.  I have my heart set on a Belgian Malinois because I am into dog sports, agility and rally-O and want a high energy working dog. And it will more than likely be the last dog before I die, so I don’t want another stray. I have learned I can’t save them all.

Dog in rainWell, now it is storming, thundering and lightening. I decide once the rain stops I will take the dog back to where I found it and hope and pray it finds it’s way home. So, one of my clients calls me and says she has some Kumbacha for me and do I want to meet her on the corner to pick it up. I figure since I have to take the dog back, I might as well do it now when I meet my client so I don’t have to go out again, it is now almost dark. I meet her, we chat a while, then I drive back to where I found the dog. I am so stressed because I do not want to do this to this sweet, little dog. It goes against everything I believe, to just drop a dog, but I feel I have no choice. So I take the dog out of my car and walk it over away from the road. I go back to my car, start to leave and I see the dog is standing behind my car. Crap! I get back out, in the pouring rain, walk it back over, and take the rope off it’s collar so it doesn’t get caught around a tree. I am watching the dog, it walks a little ways, looks back at me, puts it’s little head down, walks a couple of steps, then looks back, repeats the process. The dog is really working me. So, I go to back up the car and look in my rear view window. Now the dog is running down the middle of the road, and cars are whizzing by.

Now I am panicking. I can’t leave the dog after seeing that, it’s going to get killed. I call the police department. I call the wrong police department because I am so stressed. I google the police department in my county. I call them, no answer, I have to leave a message. They give a alternate number to call, but I couldn’t remember it and can’t find a pen. So now I decide, I will bring the dog back to my house, give it a flea bath, take it to the vet in a couple of days on my next day off. Ugh! My husband can’t do it, he is out of town for work. I will put up some flyers and try to re home the dog myself. Just what I need! A full kennel and grooming schedule, and now a stray dog!!

Owner reunitedI open my car door to get out and get the dog and I see a woman pull her car in behind me. She is over by the dog. I am thinking, thank God! maybe she will take the dog. I walk over to her and ask her-Is that your dog?? She says yes, I have been looking for it all day! Oh my God!! I am soooooo happy, I start to cry, bawling actually, hug her and leave. She must have thought I was nuts. I did not even reprimand her about not having a ID tag on her dog and tying it outside. I have never been so happy in my life!!

If things had not happened the way they did, the delay in the phone calls, the meeting up with my client, I may have just missed the owner. This is truly the universe (God, to me) at work! Miracles really do happen!