Training & Exercise

Skipping Stones by Kurgo

Skipping StonesI love to play fetch with my dogs on land but it is even more entertaining when played in the water. Fetch is a great physical and mental workout for your dog as well as a bonding experience for the both of you. One thing I dislike about playing fetch with balls is they turn all slimy, making them uncomfortable to hold and difficult to throw.

Skipping stones are shaped just like real stones, you can skip them over the water as far as you can and wait for your dog to bring them back. Stepping stones are super durable and they float in water even when chewed. And because they float they are easy to spot. They even bounce on sand! They are shaped like river rocks, so they are more oval than round like a tennis ball or softball. They measure approximately 3″ x 4″.

They are non toxic, BPA free and dishwasher safe .The Skipping Stones are made of a thermoplastic elastomer, a durable, non-toxic rubber blend. They come in a 2 pack in two different colors.


  • Don’t turn slimy
  • Float-Easy to spot
  • Fairly durable
  • Fun for both you and your dog
  • Provides hours of exercise and entertainment, which helps curb behavioral issues. A tired dog is a happy dog!
  • Won’t wear down the enamel on your dogs teeth like a tennis ball


  • Manufactured in China
  • Warehouse chooses the colors
  • No warranty or guarantee